Horse Riding on DARTMOOR

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Be prepared, experienced and organized and if in doubt don’t do it: go to Exmoor or Dorset or somewhere much easier. Dartmoor is not suitable for "Bridle – Rides" type organized holidays (from base to base with your equipment carried) due to the rough country and weather condition) these are available in the rest of UK. A good example is Bridle Rides 0121 445 6998 who run an excellent service.


Both Riders & horses should be fit, experienced & used to high moorland. If you are not then getting experience by day rides over easy ground in good weather with experienced friends or professional guides. Go on organized rides with the local riding clubs that are often advertised in the local newspapers.

If you are up to it, go hunting with the local packs which are the best way to really learn the moor but go with, stay with and come back with experienced friends and don’t stay out too long to begin with.

In addition to horse riding at least one of a party should be experienced in high country map reading and understanding what to do if things go wrong. Though the Moor is only about a maximum of 750 m (2000 feet high) if you regard the high moor as similar to terrain twice as high i.e. Snowdonia mountains and treat it with similar respect you won’t be far wrong.