Horse Riding on Dartmoor: Key Map

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Overview of routes and maps

Route C is a circular tour avoiding military areas. Approx 60 miles, 4/5 days
Route C clockwise
Route C anticlockwise (part only)

Route E Erme Valley
Best way through southern bog. Approx 10 miles, 5 hrs

Route P: Princetown. From Cadover Bridge approx 7 miles, 2 hrs, mostly tracks

Route Z: Zeal Tor tramway
Approx 4 miles, 2 hrs. Reasonable short cut to Redlake

Route W: Whiteworks. 5 miles, 2 hrs. Easy except crossings.

Route R: Rattlebrook. Approx 7 miles, 2.5 hrs. Some poor ground

Route H: Hangingstone Hill. 7 miles, 2.5 hrs. Great but only in good visibility

Route B: Beardown Tor. 7 miles, 4 hrs. Difficult, poor ground.

Others routes are in preparation.

Known bogs are marked on maps but be aware that there may be others that are not shown

Reproduced from an Ordnance Survey map with the permission of the Controller of HMSO
©Crown Copyright. Jonathan Mathys 100028339 2005