Horse Riding on DARTMOOR

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Map F3: Okehampton Army Range     Printable Version

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GOOD TRACKS, bogs to S

Easy Access to lots of army range tracks and roads which go right into Moor.Great views from High Willhays,the highest Tor on Moor High Ground, Avoid Mostly deep blanket Bog particularly the southern part,


Army Range covers most and must be avoided when 0800 458 4868 Southern part this entire map is terrible ground.


off the tracks everywhere, even a few feet off some of the roads is terrible ground. Lots of walkers and mountain bikers. Few good places to ride other than a walk off the tracks.


none cross this area but you can on next map east you can join route H - Hangingstone Hill


great views from High Willhays the highest Tor on The moor. Remarkable easy riding on tracks right in the middle of moor. Might be good for carriage driving.


remarkably there is excellent access via Okehampton ,well signed to the battle camp and then continue on. Several good places for parking trailers.


Generally go NORTH & retrace your steps perhaps.

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