Horse Riding on DARTMOOR

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Map E5: Warren House Inn     Printable Version

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Great Riding, interesting, mines

Lots of interest, mines, Pub, Forest Antiquities including Grimspound.


Bogs shown especially near Stats bridge

Steep ground on east side of Hameldown

Trying to get through wall close to south of forest as gate is locked


Rough Ground and precipices in old mining area south of the warren house Inn


Points of Interest:

Warren House Inn

Old mines including Birch Tor with lovely picnic spot and horse tie rail & Vitiferwith interesting ruins.

Grimspound prehistoric village

Fernworthy Forest & Reservoir with toilets

Riding through Soussons Forrest

Camping barn and paddock at Runnage Farm

Stables & paddocks for horses & camping by stream at Challacombe farm 693 795


Access /parking

Mostly via B3212 main road, or up reasonable but long lane to Reservoir. Parking on Main B3212 is reasonable but exposed.


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