Horse Riding on DARTMOOR

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Map C5: Venford Reservoir.    Printable Version

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Good riding,avoid soft ground & bogs to the west, pretty reservoir, stunning Views of Deep River Dart Valley


Going too far west, even though it looks OK except in dry weather, Some very steep ground on edge of moor & on north side of River Dart. Dartmeet Bridlepath 671 731 river crossing the West Dart impassable in flood. Narrow Hexworthy bridge busy in summer.(trailers only with great care - too narrow for lorries)


easy to drift too far west into bogs. The O Brook 660 710 can be awkward to cross . Bridlepath 664 666 onto moor via Greatcombe steep and awkward.


C Circular Route needs CARE and COMPASS to follow south of tin workings 671697to below Pupers Hill where it gets easier to map B5.Note Route C goes almost due north –south all way down towards Ivybridge. Tracks Pupers Hill to riders Hill looks good but soft in wet weather and depressing if you get lost

Points of interest:

Pretty Venford Reservoir has ice cream van in summer,

Pubs at Holne, Scorriton & Forest Inn at Hexworthy

Hexworthy bridge popular swimming picnic spot but very busy in summer

Pretty picnic spot at Chalk Ford 663 680

Tie up to trig point and see bleak views on Pupers Hill (only in dry and good visibility).Dr Blackhalls carriage on north side of Dart is a gently inclining track with great views. Dartmoor Carriage Driving from Michelcombe 01364 631438

Access/ Parking:

Road access is reasonable, but long winded up from Buckfastleigh to Holne road and onto this map. There are several good parking places off the road on the moor inc Venford Reservoir and Combeshead Tor. Bridlepaths: The sandy way track out from Michelcombe & Lud Gate are very good access out into the moor.


Generally go EAST

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