Horse Riding on DARTMOOR

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Map C4: Whiteworks.    Printable Version

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Great views, avoid all southern central bog, fantastic views, good Hotel for riders.


All Southern central bog, Foxtor Mires and completely un-rideable bridle path showed on map (crossed out) Use Route W via Whiteworks instead. Avoid busy Sherberton farm, bridle path goes by pretty old Swincombe farm ruins on Route W instead. narrow Hexworthy Bridge over West Dart - ok very carefully for narrow trailers impassable for lorries.


Except experienced riders don’t go south of River Swincombe.,in clear and dry weather you can ride up over soft ground to the crosses on Ter Hill 1.5m SW of Hexworthy, breathtaking views of whole central moor. going on further east and west from Ter Hill needs a guide.


C - Circular route goes through Hexworthy, E Erme Valley Route goes along abbots way footpath, can be wet and easy to lose way in poor visibility. Route W goes to Whiteworks and is not too big a bit of moor to get lost in for too long

Points of interest:

Fantastic views of whole of central moor from Ter Hill (see above)

Old Swincombe farm ruins,Forest Inn Hotel at Hexworthy with stables and Paddock

Old mining ruins at Whiteworks and Gobbett

Access/ Parking:

via Whiteworks (see map C3) or up very long winding lanes from Holne to Hexworthy. You can park Lorries & trailers as shown above Hexworthy or ask and pay at the Forest Inn but perhaps only for trailers there.


Generally: North of Swincombe River look at map and you will find your way, South of the River head NORTH

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